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Latest technology

Latest Technology

We use the safest,
environmentally friendly
LiFeP04 technology.

All-in-one solution

All-in-One Solution

Smart energy management system supports multiple applications.

Lowest energy cost

Lowest Energy Cost

Competitively priced, easy
to install, and high round-trip

Long lasting

Long Lasting

10 year warranty up to
6,000 cycles.

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Our integrated battery backup power solutions have helped homeowners save over $6 million dollars in energy costs.

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Fortress Power

At Fortress Power, we pride ourselves on bringing businesses
and households energy storage products they can depend
on, built from only the highest quality, highest powered
lithium ferrite phosphate batteries.
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When: August 24, 2022 12:00 am
Language: English
Description: UL9540 and UL9540(a) large scale fire testing are integral parts of NFPA 855, the building code which governs lithium batteries. Unlike the traditional 3 year adoption process for NEC, jurisdictions are enforcing NFPA855 requirements as quickly as they are enacted. This hour will focus specifically on what goes into UL9540 listings as well as how to read a UL9540a fire test report. Come learn vital information to commercial and residential project planning.
When: August 23, 2022 2:00 pm
Language: English
Description: NFPA 855 governs building standards relevant to onsite energy storage systems - originating the requirements for spacing, ventilation, disconnection, and other requirements above and beyond the UL9540 test requirements. Unlike typical NEC code cycles, jurisdictions are enforcing NFPA855 as soon as the standards are enacted. Come learn vital information to commercial and residential project planning.

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Heralding in the age of high-voltage residential battery storage

At RE+ 2022 (formerly SPI) Conference in Anaheim, CA, Fortress Power’s Director of Product, John Cromer, introduced the industry to a number of Fortress Power products that will be available starting in 2023. The crown jewel is the High Voltage ESS, a smart, whole-home backup solution for energy storage, monitoring, and controls. The High Voltage ESS consists of numerous elements, which Cromer describes in detail.

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Fortress Power Guardian Gateway for Battery Monitoring

Fortress Power Introduces Guardian Gateway Device

Fortress Power is excited to introduce the Guardian, an internet gateway for connecting Fortress Power batteries to the cloud.  When paired with the iOS or Android companion App, the Guardian enables battery-level monitoring of key values including State of Charge, Current, Voltage, and Battery Temperature.

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