Date: Wednesday April 19th, at 2PM EST

Join us for a webinar about how the Fortress Power team can help you unbox business opportunities in the C&I space. Our team can provide analysis for ROI and IRR, which can help determine the right mix of equipment that is optimal for your customer’s specific needs. Our Fully Integrated Turnkey Commercial and Industrial Energy Storage solution includes inverter(s), battery trays, racks, BMS, microgrid Controller, HVAC, fire suppression, isolation transformer and outdoor rated enclosure. The unique liquid cooling system optimizes the battery thermal performance by 3 times, which extends the battery lifespan and increases your investment. Our smart microgrid energy management solution (EMS) allows for utility grid services (demand response), off-grid applications and fleet management of an entire portfolio of systems – all while optimizing the flow of energy between your DER to maximize efficiency towards savings on your utility rate.