A New Era: The Economics, Flexibility, and Benefits of the Avalon Smart Energy Panel  

In today’s energy market, customers have high demands and expect solutions that are simple to use, quick to install, and cost efficient. Is there a solution that ticks all these boxes? The Avalon Answer is yes, thanks to the Smart Energy Panel(SEP).

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Fortress Power’s SEP, the centerpiece of the Avalon, is designed to be the central hub or brain of a home’s energy infrastructure. It offers a trifecta of benefits: significant cost savings, trust and reliability, and comprehensive control over one’s energy ecosystem. Let’s explore how the SEP brings these advantages to the forefront, forever changing the way homeowners interact with their energy systems. 

1) From the start, the SEP saves Homeowners money and hassle. 

At the heart of the SEP’s allure is the cost benefits and the assurance of a strong ROI. To start, the SEP integrates functions that would typically require additional hardware. By reducing the need for additional hardware, parts, and labor, thereby streamlining the experience and reducing the initial investment. Here’s a breakdown:

Reduction in Additional Panels: With the SEP, three different types of additional panels, also called sub-panels, breaker boxes, or combiner boxes, can be foregone.  

1) A new main panel = $1,000 + parts and labor. Usually, the cost of a new main panel could set a homeowner back several thousand dollars. The SEP can either replace the main panel or complement it, averting the need for an expensive upgrade. Working on a tiny home, an apartment, or carriage house? This could absolutely be the right indoor or outdoor option to serve as a main panel.  

2) A back-up panel = $500 + parts and labor. Typically, a medium combiner box is a must when adding any energy storage systems on the market. With the SEP, homeowners don’t need the added hassle of an additional box. The SEP offers smart load control through six 240 volt or twelve 120-volt circuits (or any combination, up to 50A) for integrating small or large appliances.  

3) An AC Combiner Box = $300 + parts and labor. In the upper left corner of the SEP is the AC combiner circuit. Instead of reworking the main panel to integrate it with a new AC combiner box, the SEP is ready to go. Through the combiner, the EV charger, generator, and more can get hooked up and integrated into the energy storage system.  

Less breaker boxes means less breaking the bank to establish an efficient and secure energy storage system. Plus, less hassle, as everything needed is already in one system, the Avalon. This is just the beginning of savings as using the different energy system modes empowers homeowners to meet their energy savings goals and manage their ROI as they see fit.  


2) Everyone’s Empowered by Smart Management and Flexibility

The Avalon’s SEP stands out for the flexibility if offers both the homeowner and installer. It communicates with the Avalon app, where both the homeowner and installer can monitor the system status and adjust the energy system mode. Want to focus on operating solely from the solar panels, or to sell money back to the grid? The mode can be adjusted to meet the energy goals of the homeowner. This flexibility ensures that homeowners can adapt their energy setup to their specific needs, whether optimizing for cost savings, environmental impact, emergency preparedness, or a mix.  

The flexibility extends to support and maintenance as well. With remote visibility, installers can answer any homeowner questions from anywhere, saving time and resources.  

Finally, it’s worth mentioning how the ability to monitor and control energy via a smartphone means homeowners can opt for a slightly smaller system without compromising on their energy goals. Smart capabilities and access ensures even a smaller system can meet the homeowner’s needs efficiently, further reducing the installed cost and saving some dough for homeowners. 


3) Peace-of-Mind for Homeowners 

Homeowners place a premium on trust and reliability in their energy solutions, and here, the SEP shines. The smartphone app integration offers transparency that establishes trust, assuring homeowners of the system’s reliability and performance. Plus, the SEP comes in the Avalon’s all-in-one system. Rather dealing with pairing three different parts from different companies, it’s a system– already aligned with a stackable battery, and high-efficiency inverter, and it’s ready to serve the home. 


There you have it! Avalon’s Smart Energy Panel provides initial and long-term savings and advantages to homeowners. It takes a home and makes it a smart energy hub that puts the control right in the homeowner’s palm. The SEP helps manage solar energy and storage and also gives insight, options, and empowerment to homeowners, who might otherwise be in the dark about how their energy systems are operating. 

In a world where energy demands are ever-increasing, and the call for sustainable solutions grows louder, the SEP stands as a beacon of innovation, efficiency, and empowerment. By delivering cost savings, smart management, and trust and reliability, the SEP sets a new standard for what homeowners can expect from their energy systems.  


Ready to say yes to savings, reliability, and energy freedom? Get your Avalon quote today. https://www.fortresspower.com/avalon/ 

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