eSpire Mini Energy Storage System

Fully Integrated, Pre-configured Turnkey Solution

The eSpire Mini Energy storage system is a fully integrated, pre-configured turnkey solution for Large Residential and Light Commercial Projects (3Ph 208/480Vac @60Hz). The eSpire Mini has numerous applications such as Microgrid, backup, off-grid peak shaving, time of use, self supply, demand response and Virtual Power Plant (VPP). With AC and DC Coupling options, indoor and outdoor installation and Scalable capacity from 81-266kWh per unit, the eSpire Mini is perfect for your next project.

Fortress Power eSpire Mini 1

Product Features

Turnkey Solution for Fast Install
Fully integrated, pre-configured package system reduces on-site installation time; includes inverter(s), battery trays, racks, BMS, Microgrid Controller, HVAC, fire suppression, islanding switch, and outdoor rated enclosure.

Built-in Microgrid Controls
Ability to integrate with solar, genset, wind, micro-turbines, utility, or other distributed energy resources.

Adaptive Intelligent EMS / Fleet Management
Intelligent software to reduce electricity cost, prepare for resiliency, and maximize return on investment. Remote operation and maintenance for multiple sites.

Safe Technology & Multi-level Protection
Tier 1 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry for the highest level of safety, thermal stability, and reliability; An integrated, multi-level Battery Management System (BMS) monitors, optimizes, and balances the system.

Easy & Flexible to scale (Easy scalability)
This outdoor rated, modular solution can be expanded depending on the energy and power requirement at either 208Vac or 480Vac with a maximum of 2 units in parallel.

Excellent Local Support
Our US based technical support team can help you from project design to completion.

eSpire Mini Line Diagram
Battery Capacity 81/122/184 kWh 122/184/246 kWh 184/266 kWh
DC Data
Battery Chemistry Lithium Iron Phosphate
Cell Life Cycle 80% Retention with 6,000 cycles @ 1C, 25oC
Cell Spec 3.2Vdc / 100Ah
Cell Configuration/Pack 2P16S
Pack Spec 51.2 V / 200 Ah
Pack Nominal Energy (kWh) 10.24 kWh
String Rack Configuration 1P8S/1P12S/2P9S 1P12S/2P9S 2P9S/2P13S
Rack Nominal Voltage 410/614/460 Vdc 614/460/614 Vdc 460/665 Vdc
Voltage Range 350 – 750 Vdc
BMS Communication Interface RS485 via Serial, Ethernet via Cat 5 or Cat 6
BMS Communication Protocol Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
AC Data
PCS Rated AC Power 30 kW 60 kW 90 kW
Rated Grid Voltage 3Ph 480 Vac/208 1 Vac 3Ph 480 Vac/2082 Vac 3Ph 480 Vac/208 <strong>2) Vac</strong
Maximum Continuous Charge/Discharge Power 30 kW 60 kW 90 kW
Grid Voltage Range ± 15% / ± 10%
AC Rated Current 36.1 / 83.3 Amps 72.2 / 166.5 Amps 108.3 / 250 Amps
Output THDi ≤ 3%
Automatic Transfer Switch timing 20ms
Grid Frequency Range 50 Hz / 60 Hz ±2.5%
Grid Connected Power Factor 1 (leading) ~ 1 (lagging)
Wiring Configuration 3 Phase 4 Wire (3P4W Configuration)
PV Input (DC Coupled Only)
PV Input Power 45 kW 90 kW 135 kW
PV Input Voltage Range 200 – 810 Vdc
MPPT per charge controller 3 (3 x 35A)
General Data
Dimensions without Clearance (W x D x H) 82.7 x 51.18 x 97.05 in (2100 x 1300 x 2465 mm)
Weight of Whole System Up to 8860 lbs
Enclosure Degree of Protection NEMA 3R / IP54
Operating Temperature Range -22 F to 131 F (-30 C to 55 C)
Relative Humidity 0 ~ 90% (No Condensing)
Max Altitude 10,000 ft (3,000 m)
Noise Level 70 dB
Cooling System Forced Air Cooling
Communication Interface RS485, Ethernet, HMI
Certificates UL1973, UL9540(A), UL1741-SB, IEEE-1547, IEEE-519, UL9540 (CEC, SGIP pending)

1Only 30KW PCS configuration has 480/208 Vac output. 2 External Transformer is required for 208Vac step-down. 3 Each MPPT has 2 string inputs.