Certified Installer Program

Offer your customers state-of-the-art battery backup and grid independence with our easy to install indoor/outdoor Lithium Batteries and Energy Storage Systems. By becoming a Fortress Power Certified Installer, you will gain access to discounted pricing, product training and education, leads for installation, world-class technical support and much more. 

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Benefits of our Certified Installer Program

Discounted Pricing

Access to discounted pricing. We can also connect you with Authorized Distributors in your area to make your ordering and installation process simple and easy.

Training & Support

Gain access to our Training Portal with NABCEP CE courses and product training. Our Applications Engineering team provides world-class technical support, when and where you need it.

Leads for Installation

Receive leads for solar installations from clients who are interested in using Fortress Power batteries in your area.


Our co-marketing program will provide you with the options of merchandise, advertising strategies, and much more.

Fortress Power Battery Advantages

Easy to install Updated

Easy to Install

These AC and DC Coupled solutions
allow you to add energy
storage to your existing PV
array easily.

Safe long lasting Updated

Safe & Long Lasting

We use the safest lithium
ferro phosphate technology
with 8,000 life cycles

Flexible design Updated

Flexible Design

Our systems can be
configured to match your PV
array size and your load

Large storage capacity Updated

Large Storage Capacity

Our storage units are
available in 5.4 and
18.5kWh and are scalable
to 370kWh.

Why Choose Fortress Power?

  • Grow your business by providing your solar clients safe, reliable and highly efficient battery storage systems
  • Our easy-to-install solution takes only a few hours to hook up the system
  • Free educational training by our in-house engineers and experts
  • Personal design and install support for the best user experience
  • Participate in future product research and development
  • Be a valuable part of our installer network to help missions of people access clean energy globally.

Fortress Power products use the latest cell technology that provides higher efficiency and a longer life span than other systems. The chart below compares the Fortress Power Lithium Iron Phosphate solution to other systems on the market.

Fortress Power Solution
Other Lithium-ion Solutions
Lead Acid
ApplicationsBackup Power, time of use, self-consumption, and off-gridBackup Power, time of use, self-consumption, and off-gridBackup PowerBackup Power
Depth of Discharge100% 100% 50%N/A
Battery ChemistrySafe TechnologyPotential thermal runway or firingRisk of harmful gasses Environmental Pollution
Life Cycles8,000+ (15+ years) 3,000 500-1,000 N/A
Warranty10 years 10 years 6 months 2 years
Fuel cost $0$0$0$70-$130 per day
MaintenanceNoNoEvery 6 months Yes
Energy Cost ($/kWh)0.14 0.300.650.50