Smart, whole-home backup, grid independence, and peace of mind with the Avalon Energy Storage System from Fortress Power.

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Smart Whole-Home Backup Energy Storage Solution

Protect your family from power outages, gain energy independence by living off-grid, earn money with Demand Response programs. With Fortress Power's Avalon, you can take control of your energy.

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Meet the family

The Avalon Energy Storage System is made up of a stackable, slim designed High Voltage Battery that pairs with a High Voltage Inverter providing solar storage and backup power. Add the Avalon Smart Energy Panel to allow for full control over your backup power all from a smartphone app.

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Fortress Power has a network of Certified installers that will provide you with a quote on a Fortress Power Avalon Energy Storage System. Let us connect you with one of our partners, and help you secure your energy today.

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