Technical Support

Join us on Discord.

Our Discord group is a chat room for owners, designers, and installers to talk with our technical support team in real time. It is the fastest way to get a response from our team – and useful for project planning.

Here is our invite link: Click Here to Get Started!

If you have already clicked the invite link, you can rejoin our Discord discussion group here.

We strongly recommend you download the Discord desktop or mobile app at and use the app to log back in using your typical email address and password. Discord provides the password management.

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or create a support ticket below

Create a Support Ticket

Need help troubleshooting a design or installation issue?

How Our Technical Support Works

  • Create support tickets for specific design, installation, and warranty service issues. 
  • Join our Discord and start typing – text, talk, and screenshare with our team inside the app
  • Ask to schedule remote / after hour sessions in advance
  • Download TeamViewer for help with firmware updates or inverter settings  
  • You are still welcome to call or email.

What to do if Discord is unresponsive

  • Email techsupport @ 
  • Call our office at the number above and dial 2 

After Hours Support:

Our office is open 9AM-5PM Eastern Standard Time. We care about your project and can often accommodate after hours support. Notify us in advance so we can plan for your call. You can also chat after hours in our Discord group!

Other Resources:

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