Fortress Power
Envy 8kw & 10kw

Whole Home Solar Storage Inverter

ENVY inverter front face

The Fortress Power Envy 8kW and 10kW are a whole-home, all-in-one inverter solution. Paired with the Fortress Power eFlex 5.4 kWh, the eVault MAX 18.5 kWh or LFP-10 MAX batteries, the Envy  features a 60A AC passthrough providing up to 8kW (33.3@ 240V) or 10kw (41.6A @240V) of whole-home backup power. The Envy features a built-in generator input with AC/DC coupling, on- and off-grid capabilities, plus a 2 MPPT output allowing for a maximum of 13 kW PV array (Envy 8kW) or 15kW PV array (Envy 10kW). The Envy is equipped with a built-in APsmart Module Level Rapid Shutdown Transmitter and Button, along with integrated AC & DC breakers allowing for fast installation and commissioning. Use our online monitoring app to access  your system from anywhere.

Key Features:

  • IP65 rated for indoor & outdoor installations
  • 2 MPPTs output for:
    • Max Input 13KW PV Array (Envy 8kW) 
    • Max Input 15KW PV Array (Envy 10kW)
  • AC, DC and AC/DC combined coupling
  • Built-in Generator Input
  • 10 units in parallel
  • Local and Remote monitoring/app
  • Color LCD touch screen.
  • Batch Settings

Supported Applications:

  • Backup
  • Off-Grid
  • Zero Export
  • Time-of-Use
  • Virtual Power Plant
  • Peak Shaving
  • Net Metering
  • Smart load
  • Microgrid

Whole-Home Backup One-Line Diagram

FP Envy 8k10k line diagram