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Canada Test Study

Renewable energy is a hot topic. It is not just a craze; it is a solution to an ongoing problem we contribute to daily. Many contractors use solar power storage solutions to provide energy that is an affordable and safe as an option. Companies like, Great Canadian Solar use portable solar power systems to make a difference in our communities. Recently, Great Canadian Solar, with the help of Fortress Power products, trail-blazed the

AIS introduces Fortress Power Lithium Batteries to the Caribbean

Electricity is a scarce commodity in the Caribbean islands. Many locals do not have functioning or efficient electricity in their homes, let alone a portable energy supply back up, should there be a case of emergencies.  As there are many rural areas around, electricity is not easily accessible, and once obtained, the system is not dependable or conservative. These special circumstances contribute to higher energy costs making installation and monthly maintenance unaffordable for many.

Introducing the Next Generation of Energy Storage Batteries

With technology growing daily, it allows us to come up with new and improved methods to be more energy efficient. Lithium Ferrite Battery Storage units have become a popular go-to solution for many homes and commercial owners. At Fortress Power, a huge part of our mission is safety and performance. We are dedicated to providing safe, reliable and affordable energy storage solutions. We will not sacrifice

Prepare for Hurricane Season with Fortress Power

Hurricane season is upon us. The Atlantic Hurricane Season is scheduled from June 1st through the end of November. It is the time when your solar power storage solutions are put to the test.  The weather watch for flash floods, hurricanes, tropical storms and other power threatening natural disasters are well under hourly supervision.   Most frequently power lines are damaged by high winds or debris leaving many without power. These

Caribbean Homes Now Energy Self-Sufficient

With the constant climate fluctuations, people in the countries in the Caribbean have been hit hard with severe weather and storms. Losing electricity is comparable to a death sentence because people cannot pump water, get food, and even do the basics like brush their teeth. With the help of Florida based company Advanced Innovative Systems (AIS), which supports the regions of the Caribbean and South America, homeowners can now be completely energy independent. AIS is a Solar Energy System designer