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Battery Safety Concerns Can Be Addressed with Proper Design and Manufacturing

Early in December, LG Chem recalled several residential solar battery storage products because of concerns about fire safety. Five fires involving these battery systems have been reported, including an explosion at an energy storage facility in Arizona caused several injuries. According to the recall notice, cells inside the battery units are at risk of overheating and starting fires. This recall comes on the heels of several fires involving Tesla solar products. More and more homeowners are requesting battery backup solutions

Fortress Power Answers Your 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions

We receive questions about our products, services, and capabilities every day from residential solar installers, homeowners, and social media followers. We appreciate these questions because it shows you share our passion for clean, renewable energy and are taking the time to evaluate energy storage battery manufacturers and solutions. Here is a list of the 10 most frequently asked questions and the answers you need to make informed energy storage decisions. 1) What battery bank sizes do you offer? Fortress Power offers 18.5kWh

Comparing the Top Home Battery Storage Technologies (2020)

Battery storage is the fastest growing market segment in solar, creating new markets as well as solar retrofit expansion opportunities across the USA for renewable projects large and small. Batteries allow the solar array to maximize savings on the electric bill and provide backup power during grid outages. Every offgrid solar array includes a battery, but an increasing number of grid-tied customers find them valuable as well. Energy independence has never been easier to achieve – even when the home

Why Fortress Power Created the Bigger, Better 18.5kWh eVault Solar Battery

Smaller batteries in the 2.5-10kWh range don’t have the capacity to power a large number of loads in a residential home for a long period of time. Many of these batteries were designed for small, off-grid applications. Simply put, you can’t use a golf cart battery to power a house. Before the Fortress Power eVault came along, you would have to install two or three smaller batteries. That means multiple batteries needed to be wired together and connected to the battery

Why Closed-Loop Communication Is a Game Changer for Solar Battery Storage

At the height of the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, demand for solar battery storage continued to soar. According to the recent Energy Storage Monitor report, 48.7 MW and 112 MWh of storage capacity were installed in Q2, up 10 percent from Q1. This was the second-best quarter in history, even though the number of residential solar deployments dropped during the same time period. There is no denying the fact that more people than ever are adding batteries to their homes to

How Fortress Power Helped Simplify Solar Installations for DT Solar

Doyle Tenney, owner and founder of DT Solar in French Creek, West Virginia, launched his company to bring the benefits of solar power to homes and commercial properties throughout the state of West Virginia. Doyle is a hands-on owner and early adopter of new products, boasting a long list of qualifications and certifications, including: North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) Board Certified Installation ProfessionalNABCEP Board Certified System InspectorNABCEP Board Certified Technical Sales ProfessionalWest Virginia State

Battery Storage Choices Grow with Fortress Power

Chris Sparadeo In the past, flooded lead-acid (FLA) batteries have been the first choice for those living off-grid. Although they have historically been the backbone of remote electrification, these batteries come with tradeoffs. Off-gassing, equalization charge, hydrometer readings are concepts that off-grid homeowners have come to grudgingly accept as part of the love-hate relationship with their battery banks. In recent years, there have been major advances in battery-storage technology that have revolutionized the way power is stored and accessed. We now

How Jing Yu’s Journey Around the World Brought Her to Fortress Power

On June 2012, 27-year-old Jing Yu traveled across the Atlantic and landed in New York with two suitcases and a working visa. She was tasked with setting up U.S. operations for a German solar company. In addition to registering the company and finding the right location to operate, Jing would have to handle everything herself – management, sales and marketing, accounting, and more – until she could start building a team. This was no small undertaking. However, Jing was no stranger to

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Battery Storage for Your Solar Power System

6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Battery Storage for Your Solar Power System Choosing the right lithium battery storage solution for your solar power system has never been more important. More frequent, intense storms have led to more power outages, which means you rely on backup power more than ever. In states where you can’t sell excess energy back to the grid, you need to be able to store that energy and use it to power your home. In states like California

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