Connected Solutions

Program for Fortress Power...

Join the ConnectedSolutions program
and get paid to keep the grid more stable

Eversource, National Grid or Cape Light Compact program customer, can now enroll their Fortress Power battery paired with a Sol-Ark inverter in ConnectedSolutions!

This offer with ConnectedSolutions uses your Sol-Ark & Fortress Power battery to make the grid more sustainable, reducing peak energy use which reduces air pollution and lowers the cost of electricity.


Create Clean Energy

Contribute to a greener power grid by
sharing your energy & offsetting peak

Secure Your Energy

Experience energy independence and
keep the lights on even when the grid
goes down

Earn Cash Rewards

Make the most of your Fortress Power
investment & earn money paid to you
by your utilities

Summer Season

( June 1 – September 30 )
National Grid
Lead Acid
Rhode Island$400/kWn/an/a

Winter Season

( December 1 – March 31 )

National Grid
National Grid
National Grid
Rhode Islandn/an/an/a
Fortress Power

Frequently Asked Questions

ConnectedSolutions is a program that reduces overall electric use during periods of high energy demand using connected devices such as Fortress Power batteries. Fortress Power is working with Mass Save to bring hundreds of batteries together to create a virtual power plant to support the grid in a clean way.

You are eligible if you own any Fortress Power system integrated with a Sol-Ark inverter and are a resident of Massachusetts, Rhode Island or Connecticut in Eversource, National Grid or Cape Light Compact territory

In most cases, your battery installer or vendor will submit the application for you. You can send us a request to enroll using the link below and we will contact your installer or vendor to let them know of your interest in ConnectedSolutions.

Earnings are based on actual performance. After each season, your elec-tric utility will pay out the incentive based on the measured performance of your Sol-Ark with Fortress Power battery. You will not receive credit for peak demand events prior to enrollment, or if your battery cannot par-ticipate in an event for reasons such as an empty battery or not having internet access.


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