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Yes. On the grid? Absolutely! Energy storage adds a lot of value to your solar systems. It keeps your solar system operating when your utility service is interrupted. Without energy storage, your PV system will be forced to shutdown when the grid is off.

If you live off grid, energy storage enables you to use the clean solar energy to power your home day and night.

Fortress Power also knows you’re a fan of conservation—energy storage saves both your surplus solar energy and your cash since it reduces on grid energy dependence.

Absolutely. For on grid clients, a home energy storage unit  stores energy from your electricity provider. If an outage occurs, home energy storage can provide up to 24 hours of potentially life-saving power. Need more reassurance? Fortress Power offers batteries with larger storage capabilities, completely customizable to your needs. And, like you, we appreciate saving money. When electricity is at its lowest daily rate, our smart energy storage units use that period to charge. When peak electric use occurs, our energy storage units can discharge power to suit your lifestyle.

Power interruptions shouldn’t disrupt your schedule. An energy storage system will keep your solar system operating during grid outages. When paired with solar panels, an energy storage system supplies unlimited energy delivery. The solar panels power your home during the day and use any excess power to charge the battery. At night, the system keeps your space bright. When used without solar panels, power outage support is dependent on battery size and your energy use. Batteries providing at least 12 hours of backup power are safest.

You can use the energy storage to shelve your peak usage. When electricity is at its lowest daily rate, our smart energy storage uses that period to charge. During the peak periods, our energy storage system can power your home, reducing your electricity bill. Clients with solar panel installations enjoy a faster return on investment.

If your energy storage is powered by solar panels, you are eligible for 30% federal tax credit. Many states and utilities provide rebates for homes and businesses with energy storage systems, aiming for grid resilience.

We provide a 10 year product warranty and guarantee up-to 8000 cycles, whichever comes first. Speak to our representatives for details.

We use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4; Lithium Ferro Phosphate) technology – the safest lithium technology in the industry. It’s environmentally friendly and can be fully recycled. While Many other competitors, such as LG Chem, Tesla and Panasonic use cobalt-based Lithium-Ion battery, which has a very poor thermal stability. Any short circuit or cell-breakage can cause thermal runaway and catch fire.

And comparatively, Lithium Iron Phosphate battery deliver substantially higher amount of life cycles. We guarantee up-to 6000 cycles, while LG Chem, Tesla and Panasonic provide less than 3000 cycles.

Yes, our batteries are designed to work with all 48V chargers and hybrid inverters. We work well with Schneider, Outback, Magnum, Sol-Ark, Victron, Morningstar and so on. Please Check out our Inverter Compatibility list.

Legal requirements vary by location. Fortress Power’s technical support team will help you on obtaining permits.

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