Inverter Compatibility

Compatible Inverters

Fortress Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are designed to work with most 48VDC inverter and chargers available on the market. Below is a list of compatible inverters and chargers. If you can’t find the inverter you are using on the list, please call us at (877) 497 6937 or email us at

Brand Inverter/Charger Mode Configuration
Sol-Ark 8 KW Inverter AC or DC coupled
Schneider Conext XW MPPT charge controller; Conext XW+ series; Conext SW; AC or DC coupled
Outback Skybox, FLEX max charge controller (48V), FLEXpower series (48V); Radian series (48V); FXR(A) and FXR (E) series (48V); GVFX and GVFX series (48V); AC or DC coupled
Magnum MS 4448PAE; MS 4048-20B AC or DC coupled
SUNNY ISLAND 3.0M/4.4M/6.0H/8.0H
AC coupled
Victron Phoenix VE.Direct Inverter; MultiPlus and Quatro Inverter/Charger; Skylla-TG Charger; General; Color Control or Venus GX DC coupled
Morning Star TriStar MPPT 600V; TriStar MPPT; Tristar PWM; MultiWave™ 4KW DC coupled
Midnite Solar Solar Classic 150, 200 & 250; Solar Classic 150, 200 & 250-SL DC coupled
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