Inverter Compatibility

Compatible Inverters

Fortress Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are designed to work with most 48VDC inverter and chargers available on the market. Below is a list of compatible inverters and chargers. If you can’t find the inverter you are using on the list, please call us at (877) 497 6937 or email us at

BrandInverter/Charger mode
DarfonH5001; HB5000;HB51;HB5
OutbackFLEX max charge controller (48V), FLEXpower series (48V); Radian series (48V); FXR(A) and FXR(E) series (48V); GVFX and GVFX series (48V);
SchneiderConext XW MPPT charge controller; Conext XW+ series; Conext SW;
MagnumMS 4448PAE; MS 4048-20B
SOl ARK8WK Inverter