Inverter Compatibility

Compatible Inverters

Fortress Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries are designed to work with most 48VDC inverter and chargers available on the market. Below is a list of compatible inverters and chargers. If you can’t find the inverter you are using on the list, please call us at (877) 497 6937 or email us at [email protected]

BrandInverter/Charger ModeConfiguration
Sol-Ark 8 KW & 12 KW Inverter AC or DC coupled
Schneider Conext XW MPPT charge controller; Conext XW+/XW pro series AC or DC coupled
Outback Skybox, FLEX max charge controller (48V), FLEXpower series (48V); Radian series (48V); FXR(A) and FXR (E) series (48V); GVFX and GVFX series (48V); AC or DC coupled
Magnum MS 4448PAE; MS 4048-20B AC or DC coupled
SMA SUNNY ISLAND 4548-US/6048-US; SUNNY ISLAND 3.0M/4.4M/6.0H/8.0H AC coupled
Victron Phoenix VE.Direct Inverter; MultiPlus and Quatro Inverter/Charger; Skylla-TG Charger; General; Color Control or Venus GX DC coupled
Morning Star TriStar MPPT 600V; TriStar MPPT; Tristar PWM DC coupled
Midnite Solar Solar Classic 150, 200 & 250; Solar Classic 150, 200 & 250-SL DC coupled
**We are establishing close-loop communication with these inverters!
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