Skylight Lending and Fortress Power Partner to Offer Energy Storage with Financing

Philadelphia, PA [4/24/2024]—Skylight Lending, a nationwide leader in solar system financing, and Fortress Power, an energy storage solutions provider, are thrilled to announce a collaboration to deliver comprehensive energy storage with financing to homeowners. The partnership empowers installers, giving them the ability to offer customers a 25-year warranty and a 25-year loan for Fortress Power residential products.  

By combining their strengths and expertise, Skylight Lending and Fortress Power aim to provide installer customers with unmatched finance support and access to comprehensive clean energy solutions. This partnership solidifies both organizations’ commitment to promoting the widespread adoption of renewable energy and accelerating sustainable power development. 

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Fortress Power offers turnkey energy storage systems with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The strong product lineup of residential energy storage including Avalon, Envy, eFlex, and more, equips installers to take on any size project in any location and deliver state-of-the-art battery backup. Great for both on-grid and off-grid energy storage, Fortress Power offers installer partners certification programs and support access to confidently take on any project with confidence. 

“Our partnership with Skylight Lending furthers our commitment and dedication to ensuring that both installers and homeowners have the best options available to them,” says Jing Yu, Founder and CEO of Fortress Power. The 25-year warranty also speaks to the durability and high-quality of the whole-home battery systems.  

“Skylight Lending is committed to working with best-in-class partners across the clean energy industry while providing meaningful benefits to our installer partners. Our partnership with Fortress Power encapsulates those things and more,” states Thomas Dungan, Co-Founder & CEO of Skylight Lending. “Batteries are becoming a necessary part of residential solar projects and we are excited to be offering expanding our offerings via this partnership.” 


Solar installers who are ready to take advantage of this great partnership, can get approved by Skylight Lending here: Skylight New Dealer Form and must connect and be vetted by Fortress Power here Dealer Application Form.


About Skylight Lending 

Skylight Lending is a consumer lending company that offers financing for solar, battery, and home improvement items nationwide. Our mission is to provide streamlined solutions that cater to the wide assortment of financing needs of our customers in a fast, reliable, and affordable manner. As a trusted partner in the industry, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and commitment to delivering tailored, integrated support that exceeds our customers’ expectations. For more information on how we can help you with efficient and affordable financing solutions, visit our website at 


About Fortress Power 

Fortress Power was founded in 2016 with a mission to deliver high quality and affordable energy storage solutions. With over 35,000 installations worldwide the company manufactures safe and long-lasting battery packs, inverters, and accessories for grid-tied and off-grid projects. With a strong focus on supporting U.S. and Latin American solar installers, Fortress Power offers a certified installer program with discounted pricing and product training. The Pennslyvania-based company offers a full range of turnkey energy storage solutions with advanced technology and exceptional performance. 



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Fortress Power
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