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Heralding in the age of high-voltage residential battery storage

At RE+ 2022 (formerly SPI) Conference in Anaheim, CA, Fortress Power’s Director of Product, John Cromer, introduced the industry to a number of Fortress Power products that will be available starting in 2023. The crown jewel is the High Voltage ESS, a smart, whole-home backup solution for energy storage, monitoring, and controls. The High Voltage ESS consists of numerous elements, which Cromer describes in detail.

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Ideal Temperature for Lithium Batteries

Ideal Operating Temperatures for Lithium Batteries

Over three decades since their initial development, the capabilities of lithium batteries continue to expand. Today’s batteries offer increased run times, faster charging, and higher consistency of power. But there remains a difference between what the battery is capable of doing, and its ideal conditions for peak performance.

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