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Battery Safety Concerns Can Be Addressed with Proper Design and Manufacturing

Early in December, LG Chem recalled several residential solar battery storage products because of concerns about fire safety. Five fires involving these battery systems have been reported, including an explosion at an energy storage facility in Arizona caused several injuries. According to the recall notice, cells inside the battery units are at risk of overheating and starting fires. This recall comes on the heels of several fires involving Tesla solar products. More and more homeowners are requesting battery backup solutions

Why Fortress Power Created the Bigger, Better 18.5kWh eVault Solar Battery

Smaller batteries in the 2.5-10kWh range don’t have the capacity to power a large number of loads in a residential home for a long period of time. Many of these batteries were designed for small, off-grid applications. Simply put, you can’t use a golf cart battery to power a house. Before the Fortress Power eVault came along, you would have to install two or three smaller batteries. That means multiple batteries needed to be wired together and connected to the battery

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