Smaller batteries in the 2.5-10kWh range don’t have the capacity to power a large number of loads in a residential home for a long period of time. Many of these batteries were designed for small, off-grid applications. Simply put, you can’t use a golf cart battery to power a house.

Before the Fortress Power eVault came along, you would have to install two or three smaller batteries. That means multiple batteries needed to be wired together and connected to the battery inverter. Multiple batteries translate to higher equipment costs and a longer, more expensive installation.

In a nutshell, the residential solar market was begging for a higher-capacity, purpose-built battery bank.

The 18.5kWh eVault solar battery from Fortress Power directly addresses these shortcomings while offering a safer, more efficient battery chemistry.

Designed Specifically for Residential Applications

The Fortress Power 18.5kWh eVault has the capacity to back up the critical loads and, in many cases, the entire home, with an average-size solar power system. While smaller batteries are built for applications ranging from small hobbyists to small residential, eVault is designed specifically for grid-tied backup applications that range from residential to midsize commercial.

Most installers are installing battery inverters that are 8kW or larger. An 8kW inverter will draw nearly 160 amps from the battery bank. While most small batteries are rated for 55 amps or less, the eVault is rated for 180 amps, which virtually eliminates concerns.

In addition to higher capacity, the eVault has intelligent energy controls that enable load shifting in parts of the country that charge different rates for energy based on the time of day. In other words, you can use power from the grid during the times of day when energy is cheaper while you bank your solar power for use during more expensive times of day.

Because of the high capacity of the eVault, you can store larger energy loads for those times.

Simpler, Lower-Cost Installation

The math and the logic behind the 18.5kWh eVault battery are simple. One big thing is easier and less expensive to install than multiple little things. In fact, installing two or three batteries from a competitor can cost two to three times more than an eVault installation when you account for the cost of equipment and the complexity of the installation.

The eVault comes in one container. There is one cable run from the battery to the inverter without the need for multiple DC combiner boxes, which would have to be wired together if you were using multiple batteries. As a result, the eVault battery bank can be installed in an hour.

Even if you have an extremely large home with high power consumption, the Fortress Power eVault gives you a larger building block so you can minimize the number of battery banks needed.

Higher Round-Trip Efficiency and More Cycles

One of the more overlooked advantages of the Fortress Power 18.5kWh eVault over competitor products is the battery chemistry. Unlike lithium-ion batteries, the eVault uses a safer lithium iron chemistry that allows the battery to run at a lower temperature.

The eVault also provides 98 percent trip efficiency, which means you can use 98 percent of the power that the battery stores. The maximum trip efficiency among competitor brands is 94-95 percent. This may not sound like a big difference, but it’s a big deal when you consider how much more power you get over the life of the battery.

Speaking of battery life, the eVault provides you with 6,000 cycles over a 10-year span compared to 2,800 cycles for competitor batteries. That’s more than twice the number of cycles and half the cost per kWh.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

Once you get beyond the marketing claims, it comes down to simple math. That’s how the eVault wins every time.

Let us show you how the Fortress Power 18.5kWh eVault solar battery stacks up against competitor brands in terms of capacity, installation costs, efficiency, safety, and intelligence. Contact us today to see side-by-side comparisons and find out why the eVault is the right choice for residential solar systems.

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