solar panel system

Renewable energy is a hot topic. It is not just a craze; it is a solution to an ongoing problem we contribute to daily. Many contractors use solar power storage solutions to provide energy that is an affordable and safe as an option. Companies like, Great Canadian Solar use portable solar power systems to make a difference in our communities.

Recently, Great Canadian Solar, with the help of Fortress Power products, trail-blazed the renewable energy industry by designing and building a highly mobile, compact and flexible self-sufficient solar power station.  Great Canadian Solar is a prestigious and experienced solar provider located in Edmonton Canada.

Great Canadian Solar released its new version of the Solar Seacan Solution. This mobile unit is a beast as it is designed to provide 100% of low-cost renewable energy for any remote power requirements such as constructions sites, oil field installations, microgrid applications, etc.

They demonstrated this crafty invention at the fun-filled Heritage Music Festival in Edmonton, AB.

According to the words of Clifton Lofthaug, the President of Great Canadian Solar comments: “since our establishment in 2009, our mission is to make renewable energy more affordable and accessible for our neighborhood. The Solar Seacan can save people the expensive fuel cost and avoid harmful generator noise. We choose the FortressBattery Solution because of its “safety, compact design, large capacity, and exceptionally long cycles.”

The New Solar Sedan is 20 foot long and is made up of a 30 kWh Fortress Lithium Storage (Two LFP-15 units), two Outback Radian 8048 inverters and three Outback FM100 charge controllers. Being a powerhouse , yet it is mobile friendly with an easy setup of the 44 solar models, with a total size of 16.06 kW (DC) and mounted on a flexible and mobile racking system. This Solar power station is truly one of a kind.

Virelec’s LCD support really helped complete the dynamics of the design.  Virelec supplies a complete range of Energy Management and Energy Storage Solutions for all applications from residential to large industrial projects, since 1995.

Fortress Power proudly serves homeowners and commercial clients worldwide. We are very grateful for the partnership we hold with other companies like Virelec and Great Canadian Solar. It is our mission to provide energy storage products our consumers can depend on and trust.

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