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The Fortress Power Advantage

Fortress batteries can be paired with most chargers and hybrid inverters available on the market.


Fortress Power batteries are made from advanced lithium ferrite phosphate technology, which means they produce significantly higher energy discharges than standard energy storage solutions – giving you the power you want, when you need it most.


It’s a fact: Lead acid batteries may release dangerous gases that put you and your loved ones at risk – but lithium ferrite phosphate technology is scientifically proven to be safer. At Fortress, we aim to keep your home and business safe; it’s our ultimate priority.


Long lasting life span equals valuable financial investment. Fortress Power’s batteries operate for up-to 6000 cycles. That’s up to 10 years of high-quality, reliable service. Conventional lead batteries? They only last through 500 full cycles. The choice is easy.


We mean it: Fortress Power batteries require little to no maintenance, so you can install your battery and never have to worry. Traditional lead batteries require service every 3-6 months, but our professional team is here to do the work for you and answer questions.


We proudly design batteries that are 1/3 the size of conventional lead-acid batteries – so, you can store your energy without compromising your home or business’ aesthetics. And our batteries come on wheels, which makes installation a piece of cake.


Fortress Power’s batteries are cleverly designed to be fully dischargeable – preserving (and possibly extending) their lifespan. Their depth of discharge is preset at 80%, creating 20% more usable energy than lead-acid batteries. So? More energy, less money.


  • Battery backup – A simple, robust option for using clean energy to keep a building powered during power outage.
  • Self-supply – Obtain energy independence by storing excess solar energy for later use
  • Time-of-Use – Store off-peak grid power for use when utilities charge the highest rates.
  • Demand charge curtailment – Reduce the demand charge for businesses
  • Off-grid – Use renewable energy to power your home during the day light, and stored excess energy for the night.
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Fortress Power

Maximize Your Savings

Our integrated battery backup power solutions have helped homeowners save over $6 million dollars in energy costs.


Alain was knowledgeable, patient, and thorough as he helped me update the firmware for the Fortress batteries in a remote off-grid setting. I really appreciated him taking the time to make sure everything was working correctly.

Ed Witkin

Ed Witkin


Great company with a great product line. The eVault 18.5 kWh is the real deal. Serious storage capacity and quality with an accessible price tag. Quickly becoming my favorite LFP battery storage system to install.

Chris Sparadeo

Chris Sparadeo


Great lithium iron phosphate battery solutions for our solar projects that require batteries that cycle on a daily basis


Jacob hall


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