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Many contractors search for improved ways to help conserve and preserve off the grid energy.  Contractors encourage energy storage systems as an independent energy option to save clients money while offering a safer and more comfortable inside environment.

Clean renewable energy is popular for good reason. Understanding Energy storage systems are more important now than ever. The storage systems can help prevent power outages that leave you in the dark and cold when needing power the most Energy storage systems are an extra precaution to help keep your family safe during storms and natural disasters.  While It takes real expertise to handle the installation, battery backup systems do not require ongoing maintenance, simplifying your energy usage. This one of the main reasons contractors recommends energy storage as an investment.

What is an Energy Storage System and How Much Energy Storage is Needed?” are two challenging questions most contractors face with when recommending an energy storage system. But the real challenge is figuring out the life of the battery and how much energy a battery backup system can support. You don’t want to find out when the grid is out that you have underestimated your client’s calculations. Lucky for you, Fortress Power is here to help. Never underestimate the amount of backup energy power or storage needed with the new, innovative sizing tool from Fortress Power.

Fortress Power’s team of expert engineers designed an energy storage sizing tool that helps contractors calculate the proper inverter and battery size to fit their customer’s needs. It will calculate how many KWH the battery will need to support the customer’s needs. Based on the estimated monthly PV production, it can also determine whether the PV system is large enough to charge the battery and support the house’ energy consumption.

Our new sizing tool is user-friendly and will even help you explain to your clients how an energy storage system works. It will provide a tutorial of all the pros and answer any cons the client may have. Fortress Power committed to providing safe, clean energy through their products. They now offer their sizing tool free to our authorized dealers and also offer training for the tool if needed.

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