Prepare for Hurricane Season with Fortress Power 1

Hurricane season is upon us. The Atlantic Hurricane Season is scheduled from June 1st through the end of November. It is the time when your solar power storage solutions are put to the test.  The weather watch for flash floods, hurricanes, tropical storms and other power threatening natural disasters are well under hourly supervision.

Most frequently power lines are damaged by high winds or debris leaving many without power.

These natural disasters typically cause power outages over a long period of time, leaving people helpless to wait for clean-up crews to restore their power. Well, not anymore!

At Fortress Power, we believe energy storage solutions are the answer. There are many benefits to exploring your options in solar power storage solutions. It is a great precautionary measure.  Researchers at Colorado State University predict this hurricane season will be above-average, with 14 tropical storms in 2018. Some will develop into hurricanes with possible winds up to 111 mph.

The amount of damage these types of weather condition cause can be devastating. It is crucial to prepare the best you can for these events and explore your options before the season is in full flair.

Fortress Power is known for their innovative solar power storage system called the “Fortress Power Smart Energy Storage”. It is safe, easy to install and consistently reliable. This remarkable portable energy solution will provide your home with power during grid outages, allowing you to stay warm.

The Lithium Ferrite Battery comes with a 10-year warranty and up to 6000 life cycles, providing you with clean renewable energy that doesn‘t require you to even have solar panels to use our energy storage system.

Need a solar energy solution to protect your business?

This solar energy solution is equipped to protect your home and your business. In fact, it is good business to have a solar energy storage system to establish independence from the utility grid. This helps save in overhead costs but also keeps you in business during any power outage.

We know that power outage can be overwhelming no matter what time of year. So don’t wait for the next storm to leave you and your family without power.

Invest in your safety and comfort today. Our expert team is here to help you ease your worry.  While we cannot protect your home, we can protect your power source and comfort through the duration of the storm.

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