AIS Introduces Fortress Power Batteries to the Caribbean

Caribbean islands can benefit greatly from solar power lithium batteries.

Electricity is a scarce commodity in the Caribbean islands. Many locals do not have functioning or efficient electricity in their homes, let alone a portable energy supply back upshould there be a case of emergencies.  As there are many rural areas around, electricity is not easily accessible, and once obtained, the system is not dependable or conservative. These special circumstances contribute to higher energy costs making installation and monthly maintenance unaffordable for many.

In addition to the local electrification problems, tropical storms and hurricanes are ongoing threats to electricity usage. Power outages are a continuous issue leaving not only resident but businesses without power. The limited access of portable solar power systems impact not only the island’s power but resources to maintain everyday living during these time.

Various parts of South America also experience similar power struggles and power efficiency issue.  Solar power storage solutions could not be a better solution for locations like the Caribbean and South America.  With the ability to help make a change, Advanced Innovative Systems or “AIS” paired with Fortress Power is ready to help cultivate an international energy movement.

AIS is a predominant Solar Energy System designer and integrator based in Florida, USA and supports regions in the Caribbean and South American in rural electrification projects. A recent AIS venture was along the Northern Coastline of Jamaica, where they introduced and installed Fortress Power’s Lithium Ferrite batteries.

The efficient energy generated from the 10kW solar system with a 13.8kW (Schneider XW6848 x 2) and a Battery Bank (30kWh -Fortress LFP – 15 x 2).

These custom home solar kits have enough power to fulfill homeowners’ self-consumption and help homeowners save incurring high bills on utility usage.

Dwight Forest owner of AIS is well known for providing clean and affordable energy solutions everywhere. With over 10 years of experience in designing and installing Solar Energy Storage Systems, Dwight selected Fortress Power to execute his international plan.

Here is his reason;

”My company has installed only lead-acid batteries in the past. With the significant reduction in cost and greater efficiencies of lithium batteries, I have been looking forward to switching to lithium technology. After thorough market research competing against several brands, I decided to go with Fortress Power Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries. Fortress Power Batteries are extremely safe. They have 6,000 cycles, a ten-year warranty and are very competitively priced. The batteries can also be paired with many commonly used 48V inverters and chargers. It allows me to design the system with flexibility and security. They are priced affordably, so now, my clients can enjoy the low-cost clean energy.”

Contact Fortress Power today to see how you can make an impact with our solar energy solutions and lithium ferrite battery.

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