Case Study off Grid in The Pacific Northwest

After living off-grid for more than 20 years, a home owner in the Pacific Northwest was looking to upgrade the components of his solar power system. He wanted a storage solution for the system that did not require the tedious upkeep of lead acid batteries, a task he described as “a sentence from hell.” His upgrade included the addition of Fortress Power’s LFP-15 battery, an energy dense Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery. Fortress Power batteries are virtually maintenance-free, extremely safe and require no cooling or ventilation. The batteries come with a 10-year warranty and operate for up to 6,000 cycles. Fortress Power batteries provide a safe, long-lasting solution that has given this off-grid home owner greater peace of mind. Installed in December 2018, his setup consists of the complete OutBack Power Flexware 500 System, a Fortress Power LFP-15 unit and 24 Evergreen 205w mounted solar panels (4920w+). The PV plus storage system powers the entire house, a two-story log home that has an LPG forced air heater, a refrigerator and two freezers, tankless water heater, 3 HP Grundfos water pump with an 80-gallon pressure tank, lights and ceiling fans in each room feeding through a 200-amp service panel.   The client has an existing 45kw Deutz diesel generator which is connected to the Outback Inverter to power the home and charge the battery on cloudy days.
edited photo for blog

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