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Michael, who lives on the remote island of Utila, Honduras enjoys living beach-side and loves the consistently warm and sunny weather. The municipal power where he lives, however, is very unreliable. Michael decided to put the power of the sun to use and installed a PV + storage system a year after moving to the island. He recently upgraded the components of his system to include the Fortress Power LFP-10 battery. “Installation was easy and reprograming the inverter and charger settings for the new battery was very straight-forward,” says Michael.

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Michael’s set-up includes a Scheidner/Xantrex XW6048 with two MPPT 60/150 charge controllers. The Fortress LFP-10 battery replaces his old lead-acid battery bank and alleviates the need to fill and equalize the cells once a month. He has 15 X 275 watt PV panels mounted over his cistern at a 15-degree angle facing 180 degrees south. The system powers his 1500 square foot home, using between 11 and 14 KW per day. The LFP-10 battery handles his overnight energy needs easily and is charged by the PV panels by 11 am the next morning.A Fortress Power PV storage system

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