Fortress Power Enters High Voltage Energy Storage Residential Market with the All-in-One Avalon System


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Fortress Power Enters High Voltage Energy Storage Residential Market with the All-in-One Avalon System 

Intelligent, simple, comprehensive, and capable wholehome energy storage solution for homeowners. 

[Langhorne, PA] – Fortress Power, a renowned leader in the energy storage industry, has officially entered the high voltage energy storage residential market and marked this significant milestone with the successful installation of the first residential Avalon System on December 21st. The foray into the high voltage residential market showcases the company’s commitment to pioneering versatile and sustainable energy solutions for installers and homeowners alike. 

The Avalon HV ESS was meticulously designed to meet the evolving needs of modern residences. The system offers an unparalleled combination of efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, setting a new standard in the residential energy storage sector. In particular, the introduction of the Smart Energy Panel makes the system stand out with load shedding and reduced auxiliary components, while the accompanying monitoring app brings the system into the market for smart home afficionados. With these features, the Avalon revolutionizes energy storage installation setting a new bar HV systems.  

“Fortress Power’s entry into the high voltage residential market with the Avalon HV ESS is a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation and sustainability,” said Jing Yu, CEO and Founder of Fortress Power. “The successful installation of our first residential system marks a significant step forward in our mission to empower homeowners with reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly energy solutions.” 

The Avalon HV ESS system features a Smart Energy Panel, customizable battery stack, and inverter and boasts several key features, including: 

High-Voltage Efficiency: Operating at 200~300V at the DC terminal, the Avalon System closely matches PV array voltage, reducing the need for DC to DC conversion and enhancing overall operational efficiency by approximately 6-8%. 

Simplified Installation: With an integrated smart load panel, pre-installed AC coupling circuit, 200A pass through and straightforward EV charger installation, the Avalon System reduces the need for extra components (such as back up panel, AC combiner, separate smart load panel, bypass, etc), and offers a seamless setup experience for both homeowners and installers. 

Advanced Load Management: The Smart Energy Panel can intelligently manage up to twelve different 120V circuits, six 240V circuits, or any combination, providing flexible whole home backup without a dedicated emergency power panel. 

All-in-One App Integration: The Fortress Power Keystone EMS app provides comprehensive monitoring of all energy flows, simplifying maintenance and energy management for installers and homeowners. 

Versatile Applications: The system works inside and outside, for large and small projects (easily scale up from 14.4KWh to 176KWH), with DC or AC coupling, for EV charging and generators, and more! The variety of applications makes it relevant and ready for any type of residential project.  

The first residential installation of the Avalon System was completed on December 21st, in the Greater Philadelphia Area. The system installers were excited about the simplicity of the system and the ease of commissioning, which took less than five minutes. The installation is the first in a real-world setting and was overseen by Fortress Power employees to provide support, ensure success, and commemorate the milestone moment. The homeowners have already begun to experience the benefits of a more resilient, efficient, and intelligent energy management system. 

“We’ve redesigned every step it takes to commission this equipment,” added Will Gathright, CIO. “My goal was for anyone to be able to confidently commission an Avalon system regardless of how much experience you’ve had with energy storage in the past.” 

Furthermore, for homeowners, Avalon may be turned into a source of revenue through the EnergyBroker program by selling energy into wholesale markets or to extra energy. This helps achieve a shorter payback period while contributing to a more resilient and efficient power grid. 

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