Solar Energy Storage Batteries

With technology growing daily, it allows us to come up with new and improved methods to be more energy efficient. Lithium Ferrite Battery Storage units have become a popular go-to solution for many homes and commercial owners.

At Fortress Power, a huge part of our mission is safety and performance. We are dedicated to providing safe, reliable and affordable energy storage solutions. We will not sacrifice the quality of one for the other.

Fortress Power consistently upgrades her own products to ensure their efficiency, reliability, safety and versatile compatibility. That is why we are proud to introduce our new Fortress Power eVault Series.

Fortress Power eVault series offers more power than ever before. It comes equipped with new LCD display, making it user-friendly, ready to charge up the battery and maintain the 6,000 life cycles. It doubles six times the average battery lifespan by a 10-year high-quality warranty. This battery is unique to others as it offers 15 KWH! I mean talk about power!

The eVault Series is crafted with nothing but the highest quality control possible and it is back with the safe Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery just as the original, keeping homes and businesses safe from dangerous gases or leakage issues. The eVault‘ awesomeness doesn’t stop there! This energy storage battery is highly compatible and can fit almost any charger and inverter on the market.

Not to mention, its extremely low maintenance, as well as its installation, only takes up to an hour to install and requires no ongoing maintenance.

Energy storage batteries make great investments and provide innovative power backup solutions. They help you cut long monthly bills prompting long-term financial savings. When using these solar energy solutions,  you will save big, during tax season as they offer up to 30% of investment tax credit.

The energy storage battery also works to grant you more independence from the utility grid, ultimately protecting you from power outages. The great thing is you don’t even have to have solar panels to enjoy these benefits. Contact us today.

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