Puerto Rico – Battery Backup Storage

Puerto Rico is a location that Fortress Power has taken under their wing to provide essential solar power storage solutions and ongoing preventive battery backup storages.  Puerto Rico has seen an influx of natural disasters in the past  3 years leaving detrimental damages to grid power storage resulting in extended power outages.

Fortress Power has been working to help residents of Puerto Rico to get ahead of the storms by installing battery backup storages.  Zona Solar, a Fortress Power Authorized Dealer, recently installed an LFP-10KWH battery using a Schneider XW6.8+ Inverter for residential customers in Puerto Rico. The LFP-10KWH battery was paired with a 10-panel, 330 PV system and was installed in order to protect the customer from post-storm power outages. The system was built with a combination of a Schneider Inverter, PV system, and battery, forming an all-in-one, reliable and powerful energy storage solutionThe battery backup power will protect people from outages when storms come into the area. This solar power solution will not only help the customer save money, but will keep their PV array from shutting down as severe weather continues to threaten homes around the island.

We understand that the influx of dangerous storms in Puerto Rico and around the country may make having a PV system installed with a battery seem like a futile effort at preventing damage, but maintaining power during these storms is an essential part of surviving them. Puerto Rico’s typically sunny and clear skies actually make it an ideal environment for PV systems, producing plenty of energy to be stored for later use when it’s needed most. At Fortress Power, we’re preparing for the worst case scenario so that when the next storm hits unexpectedly – you’ll be ready for it.

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