Wired for Success: Fortress Power’s First Wattsmart Installation

wattsmartFortress Power recently achieved a significant milestone by successfully completing the first installation under the Wattsmart program.

Upon joining the Wattsmart program, Fortress Power took a proactive approach to inform clients about the program’s benefits. This strategy quickly yielded positive results with one of our installation partners, and identified an ideal candidate for the program.

The homeowner had previously installed an energy storage system in the summer, featuring the Envy True 12kw inverter, Flextower, Durarack, and four eFlex 5.4 batteries. However, the system lacked a crucial component for Wattsmart program eligibility: the Guardian Gateway device. Recognizing the necessity of the Guardian Gateway device in the homeowner’s setup, Fortress Power took a hands-on approach by scheduling a meeting on December 5th, 2023, to personally install the device.

The homeowner’s motivation for joining the Wattsmart program was to offset the total cost of his battery system, designed to reduce his utility bills to Rocky Mountain Power, which averaged $120 to $150. As the homeowner had an existing PV system installed before September 1st, 2021, he was eligible to apply for the Wattsmart program’s rebate of $600 per kW, amounting to a potential $7,200 rebate from Rocky Mountain Power upon approval.

The installation process on December 5th was straightforward. The Guardian Gateway was unboxed and connected to the battery system in the presence of the homeowner and installer.

The installation concluded with a sense of optimism and achievement. The homeowner was pleased with the prospects of the Wattsmart program potentially reducing his overall system costs and electric bills. This installation not only represented a technical success for Fortress Power but also demonstrated the financial and environmental benefits of sustainable energy systems, fostering confidence and satisfaction among all parties involved.

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