AC Coupled

AC Coupled Solution

If you have an existing PV array and want to add an energy storage system, then integrating an AC coupled solution is the perfect option. It’s simple – AC coupled solutions use a common solar inverter coupled to a battery inverter/charger to manage the battery storage unit.  

In AC Coupled systems, the DC power from the PV array is first converted to AC by the PV inverter and is then used to power the AC load panel. Any unused energy is directed by an inverter/charger to charge the storage unit. In grid-tied systems, when the grid goes out, the inverter/charger isolates both the essential load panel and the PV inverter from the grid via an internal transfer switch. This allows the PV array to generate power, even when the grid is down.

AC Coupled solutions are simple to setup and very powerful, but they are slightly less efficient at charging than DC coupled solutions. However, they are very effective when powering AC loads during the day and are expandable with multiple solar inverters to form micro-grids.

Fortress Power’s AC Coupled solution

Fortress Power Energy Storage System now can AC couple to an existing PV array up to 22.8KW! Please click here to learn more.

You can also connect Fortress batteries with several other AC coupled battery-based inverter solutions available on the market, such as Schneider XW+ and XW pro Series (5.5/6.8 KW), Outback Radian GS 8048, SMA Island Series (4.4M/6.0H/8.0H). All the solutions can be AC coupled to your micro-inverters, SolarEdge inverter and many other PV grid-tied inverters. You can check out the integration guidance on our Resource Center

When it comes to energy storage units, Fortress Power’s Lithium Ferro Phosphate batteries pair perfectly with the Schneider’s XW+. Fortress Power offers three systems, a 5, 10 and 18.5 KWH, which are scalable to 222KWH. This AC Coupled solution is very easy to install, affordable and uses the safest technology available with 6,000 guaranteed life cycles.

Easy to Install: These AC Coupled solutions allow you to add energy storage to your existing PV array easily.

Safe & Long Lasting: We use the safest lithium ferro phosphate technology with 6,000 life cycles guaranteed

Flexible Design:   Our systems can be configured to match your PV array size and your load consumption

Large Storage Capacity: Our storage units are available in 5, 10 and 18.5KWH and are scalable to 222KWH.

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