Duke Energy

Duke Energy provides two ways to save:

PowerPair Program
Up to $9,000 upfront with PowerPair
for installing a solar and battery
system in your home

Battery Program

Monthly bill credits based on
your battery capacity

Get the resiliency benefits provided by a Fortress Power Battery System with a large incentive from the Duke Energy PowerPair program. Duke Energy will give you thousands of dollars upfront in exchange for letting them use your battery to help manage the electricity grid more effectively. You may also qualify for additional monthly bill credits in exchange for letting Duke Energy use your battery to help manage the electricity grid more effectively.




Upfront PowerPair incentive of $400/kWh for a new battery system up to 13.5 kWh. That’s $5,400 off a Fortress Battery system!

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Upfront PowerPiar
$0.36/ watt-AC for a new
solar array up to 10 kWAC. That’s $3,600 off your solar system!


Battery Program participation incentive of $4.60/kW* monthly bill credits credits. That’s a $52 credit each month with a Fortress Power 11.4 kW Avalon system.

*The incentive is $6.50/kW adjusted by a capability factor. The capability factor is currently 70.9%, but can change.


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Get paid
up to $5,400 for installing a Fortress Battery System.

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Protect your home against adverse weather and outages.

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Enhance your impact by making the grid operate more efficiently.


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Select a Duke Energy and Fortress Power approved Installer and enroll in the Duke Energy PowerPair Program. Your installer will submit an interconnection request.

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Enrollment will resume on June 21st on a first-come, first-served bases. If you are selected, Duke Energy will send a confirmation of acceptance and you can move forward with your installation.

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Get Paid

Once your system is operational and all eligibility requirements have been verified, Duke Energy will send you an upfront payment. Choose to enroll in the additional Battery Program for monthly credits.


  • Duke Energy Progress and Duke Energy each have a PowerPair Program to incentivize the installation of solar and storage. PowerPair participants can choose to additionally join the Battery Program to earn monthly credits. PowerPair participants who choose not to participate in the Battery Program must allow battery data to be shared with Duke Energy.
  • Battery Program applicants will be enrolled in the applicable utility program based on their address. Duke Energy Progress customers will be enrolled in the EnergyWise® Home program and Duke Energy customers will be enrolled in the Power Manager® program.
  • Select Battery Data Only or Battery Control participation options when filling out interconnection application.


Duke Energy provides the monthly bill credits in exchange for the ability to request the discharge of your battery

Up to 36 discharge events per year with a minimum of 30 events

  • December – March: Up to 18 events
  • May – September: Up to 9 events
  • April, October and November – Up to 9 events

Customers may opt out of up to 4 events per year.


Residential customers are eligible for PowerPair in North Carolina if they:

  • Complete an interconnection application with Duke Energy Progress or Duke Energy
  • Commit to letting Duke monitor their battery for 10 years
  • Charge their battery from an onsite solar system
  • Have a reliable internet connection
  • Own the following hardware:
Avalon Inverter 1 e1714490276385

Fortress Power Avalon or Envy Inverters

Avalon Battery 1 e1714490318396

Fortress Power Avalon, eFlex 5.4, eVault Max Batteries

SEP 1 e1714490237206

Fortress Power Avalon SEP
*Guardian required for eVault Max or eFlex battery systems

Residential customers are eligible for Battery Control in North Carolina if they:

  • Own the hardware specified above
  • Commit to letting Duke Energy dispatch their battery for at least one year
  • Have a reliable internet connection

Fortress Power Additional Features

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Maximize your revenue by automatically participating in all available programs and markets

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Weather and outage monitoring ensures your entire battery capacity is available when needed

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Receive personalized advice if you can save money by switching to another utility rate plan

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24/7 monitoring of your solar and energy storage system

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Reduce your monthly utility bills

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We dispatch your battery instead of gas peaker plants, helping minimize overall greenhouse gas emissions

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