Fortress Power’s Envy 12K Inverter Provides All-in-One Solution for Users, Installers

Envy 12K’s introduction underscores Fortress Power’s evolution into solutions provider

Fortress Power’s evolution within the renewable energy industry continues with the introduction of the new Envy 12K inverter.

Established as a successful company by providing lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) batteries for the past decade, Fortress Power’s move into the inverter market paved the way for Envy 12K, a flagship product designed for grid-tied and off-grid applications.

“We are no longer a battery manufacturer. We are a solution provider,” summarized Matthew Daniel, product manager at Fortress Power.

Specifically, Fortress Power endeavors to streamline the process for customers and installers by creating a one-stop solution for solar and renewable energy needs, rather than requiring numerous manufacturers to complete an installation.

The result is a true 12K inverter that offers a whole-home, all-in-one solution to pair with Fortress offerings including the eFlex 5.4 kWh, the eVault MAX 18.5 kWh, and LFP-10 MAX batteries. Envy 12K is equally effective with AC- or DC-coupled systems and operates with or without a generator.

Envy 12K’s IP65 rating makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor installation. The color LCD monitor on the front of every Envy 12K allows for easy monitoring of the system in addition to enabling programming based on your specific needs via a user-friendly menu that appears right on the screen.

For those who wish to monitor via desktop, connecting to the Internet permits the user to do so via the specialized website. A third monitoring option exists in the form of a mobile App available on both iPhone and Android platforms.

“Monitoring can be done remotely,” said Daniel, “but our DIY and off-grid customers don’t have or don’t want Internet accessibility. The monitor allows each person to locally program the inverter as soon as installation is complete.”

Once the installation is complete, inverter programming takes no more than 15 minutes.

Delivering continuous 12K charging, the Envy also allows the user 3 MPPT output, expanding the maximum PV input power to 21 kW. Each unit comes with an APsmart Rapid Shutdown transmitter and button.

The online companion App features quick, accessible features including several ‘one-touch’ options that allow users to access various capabilities with the simple push of a button. Installers can save time by using the Batch Set feature, allowing program and updates to numerous inverters simultaneously.

The Envy has earned numerous certifications and is certified and available for use throughout the United States.

“Installers want solutions, they want everything in one box,” said Daniel. “The Envy provides a true 12K solution that’s easy to install and offers greater affordability for our customers.”

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