Smart High Voltage Energy Storage System


Whole Home Backup Solution

  • Complete solution for energy generation, storage, monitoring, and controls
  • Supports Off-grid, Back-up, Zero Export, Time-of-Use, Demand Response, Peak Shaving, and
    Virtual Power Plant
  • Flexible & Easy Install accommodates existing solar and EV charging
  • IP65 water and dust-proof components for indoor & outdoor installation
  • More efficient & less bill of material cost

How it works:

Fortress Power High Voltage ESS How it Works
Fortress Power Arrow High Voltage Battery

Arrow High Voltage Battery

  • Ultra-thin for space saving (6.48 in)
  • Sealed battery protects against dust, water, and humidity
  • Active heating and passive cooling temperature management for outdoor installations
  • 8000+ cycle life with tier 1 automotive Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery
  • Stackable for easy installation and logistics
Fortress Power Allure Smart Load Panel

Allure Energy Panel

  • Combines 200A pass-through, grid transfer switch, and load management in one
  • Combines multiple solar arrays, battery inverters, EV charger, and generator
  • Integrated load control (12 circuits), HVAC, pump, water heater, etc.
  • Installer-friendly wiring access for easy installation & expansion
Fortress Power High Voltage Inverter e1663077344414

High Voltage Inverter

  • 4 MPPTs for maximum efficiency (max 18.24 kW PV array
  • AC or DC coupled for flexible design and retrofitting
  • Integrated module level rapid shutdown transmitter
  • Max 10 units parallel connection