Caribbean Homes Energy Self Sufficient With Solar Panels and Fortress Power Batteries

With the constant climate fluctuations, people in the countries in the Caribbean have been hit hard with severe weather and storms. Losing electricity is comparable to a death sentence because people cannot pump water, get food, and even do the basics like brush their teeth. With the help of Florida based company Advanced Innovative Systems (AIS), which supports the regions of the Caribbean and South America, homeowners can now be completely energy independent. AIS is a Solar Energy System designer and integrator doing residential, commercial and rural electrification projects. AIS recently installed Fortress Power’s lithium batteries in a residential neighborhood on the Northern coast of Jamaica. All the energy generated by the 10kW solar system with a 13.8kW (Schneider XW6848 x 2) and a Battery Bank (30kWh -Fortress LFP-15 x 2) is for self-consumption and provides the homeowners with enough energy to fully satisfy all their needs without any power from the Utility.

Dwight Forrest, of AIS has been designing and installing Solar Energy Storage Systems for over ten years. Dwight says that “My company has installed only lead-acid batteries in the past. With the significant cost reduction and greater efficiencies of lithium batteries, I have been looking forward to switching to lithium technology. After thorough market research with several competing brands, I decided to go with Fortress Power Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. Fortress Power Batteries are extremely safe, have 6,000 cycles, a ten-year warranty and are very competitively priced. The batteries can also be paired with many commonly used 48V inverters and chargers. It allows me to design the system with flexibility and security. They are priced affordably, so now my clients can enjoy low-cost clean energy.”

At Fortress Power we are honored to support Dwight’s effort to bring clean and affordable energy to people in the Caribbean and South America.

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