Case Study: Off-Grid in the Bahamas 1

Location: Nassau, Bahamas
Application: Self-supply
System size: 13.32 kW

Case Study: Off-Grid in the Bahamas 2

Pictured is a new installation done by Island Solar Ltd. The PV panels on this off-grid system power the house and charge the 2 LFP-15 Fortress Power batteries during the day. In the evening, the Fortress batteries supply the power to the house until the sun comes out again the next day. The batteries allow the homeowner to live independently of the grid and maintain power in the case of an outage. The system is comprised of the following:

-36 Silfab 370 watt panels
-1 Outback Radian 8048 inverter
-3 Flexmax charge controllers
-2 Fortress LFP-15 units


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