EnergyBroker - Frequently Asked Questions

The PowerPair program includes the EnergyWise program at Duke Energy Progress and the Power Manager program at Duke Energy Carolinas.

No, participants can choose to enroll as a Battery Data option. Data Only customers will not participate in the Battery Control events, but will not receive a monthly bill credit. Data Only customers will agree that their battery systems will provide usage and telemetry data to Duke Energy for the purpose of evaluating battery usage.  

The monthly credit is calculated $6.50/kW * by the battery kW discharge nameplate value * capability factor. The Capacity Factor is currently 70.9%, but subject to change. This means that Battery Control participants with an 11.4 kW Avalon system would receive a $52.54 monthly credit. That’s over $630 per year.

PowerPair customers may switch between programs 2 times during a 10-year period. 

You can un-enroll by emailing [email protected] or via your Fortress Power App.

You may be unenrolled if you opt-out of more than 5 events in a calendar year. 

Customer can opt into email or text notifications by emailing [email protected] or selecting the option via the Fortress Power App. You’ll be able to see if an event is scheduled via the Fortress Power App.

Duke will mail PowerPair upfront incentives to the Customer’s mailing address. Battery Control participants will also directly receive monthly bill credits. 

Existing systems are eligible for the Battery Control option and can get monthly bill credit.

Customers who receive the upfront incentive agrees to, at a minimum, provide data for at least one year and nominal term of 10 years. If battery system is removed or if a Customer wants no longer wants to provide data to Duke Energy, the Customer can unenroll by emailing [email protected]. The customer would have repay part of their upfront incentive – pro rated for the remaining term. See the Early Termination charge in the Terms and Conditions.