eSpire 233 Energy Storage System

233kWh Cabinet


Safe Technology & Multi-level Protection

The solution uses the best-in-class Tier 1 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) chemistry for the highest level of safety, thermal stability, and reliability; An integrated, multi-level Battery Management System (BMS) monitors, optimizes, and balances the system.

Compact Design for Flexible Install

The product has a slick and compact design that can be flexibly fit into indoor and outdoor space.

Advanced Liquid Cooling for the Extended Battery Lifespan

The unique liquid cooling system optimizes the battery thermal performance by 3 times, which extends the battery lifespan and increases your investment.

Turnkey System for Fast Install

Fully integrated, pre-configured package system reduces on-site installation time; includes inverter(s), battery trays, racks, BMS, local Controller, HVAC, fire suppression, isolation transformer and outdoor rated enclosure.

Easy & Flexible to scale (Easy scalability)

This outdoor rated, modular solution can be expanded to 2.80 MWH capacity easily (Max. 12 unit in parallel).

Excellent Local Support

Our US based technical support team can help you from project design to completion

eSpire 233 Configuration Chart

espire233 configuration chart