San Diego Battery Incentive Program

Get money for installing solar energy storage!

Install a new Fortress Power energy storage system, paired with your solar setup (new or existing), to receive an upfront payback ranging from $5k to $10k. But that’s not all. Every time your battery dispatches energy to meet both your home’s needs and serves the grid, you earn an additional performance incentive. The larger your battery, the bigger the benefit. 

Homeowners in the San Diego area who are San Diego Community Power (SDCP) customers are eligible for this program. Participation is limited, so join today! 


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Get an upfront $5,000-$10,000 for installing a Fortress Power energy storage system

At set times, your battery will be dispatched to meet your load and serve the grid

When your battery is used, you get paid an additional performance incentive


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Sign Up

Complete the interest form to express your interest and you’ll get in touch with a certified installer who will enroll you into the SDCP program.


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Get your energy storage system

Your system will be added to your home and connected to both your solar array and SDCP’s energy program.


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Get Paid

You’ll get a $5k to $10k rebate depending on the size of your system and credit whenever your system is dispached for the grid.

Start Saving On Energy

Joining the program is simple! Complete the form to connect with a Certified Installer who will give you a free estimate and get you enrolled.

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