Webinar - NFPA UL9540 Explained

Date: 2022-08-24 00:00:00

UL9540 and UL9540(a) large scale fire testing are integral parts of NFPA 855, the building code which governs lithium batteries. Unlike the traditional 3 year adoption process for NEC, jurisdictions are enforcing NFPA855 requirements as quickly as they are enacted. This hour will focus specifically on what goes into UL9540 listings as well as how to read a UL9540a fire test report. Come learn vital information to commercial and residential project planning.

Learning Objectives:
Review UL9540a test requirements for cells, modules, and battery units including basic industry definitions to improve technical accuracy of conversations between designers, installers, and code authorities.
Discuss recent updates to UL9540 standards better understand battery safety features and associated values and to avoid suprises during project permitting.
Detail UL9540(a) large scale fire test reports to justify reduction of battery spacing requirements below the 3′ NFPA855 standard battery spacing and when manufacturer minimum battery space can be utilized.
Understand lesser known details of UL9540a large scale fire spacing including label requirements and minimum room size to properly design and commission lithium battery systems.