Webinar - NFPA855 - Building Code for Batteries

Date: 2022-08-23 14:00:00

NFPA 855 governs building standards relevant to onsite energy storage systems – originating the requirements for spacing, ventilation, disconnection, and other requirements above and beyond the UL9540 test requirements. Unlike typical NEC code cycles, jurisdictions are enforcing NFPA855 as soon as the standards are enacted. Come learn vital information to commercial and residential project planning.

Learning Objectives:
Understand NFPA855 scope by reviewing differences between commercial and residential battery requirements.
Improve project permitting discussions by understanding when NFPA855 applies to particular battery storage types and field applications.
Avoid mistakes in layout planning regarding battery spacing, fire protection systems, and drywall requirements.
Prepare for battery shipments, commissioning, operating and decommissioning by understanding safety plans and servicing requirements.