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Integrating Advanced Fortress Batteries into your Home and Business

Lithium Ferro Phosphate Technology by Fortress Power

Inside FP Batteries



We know you want power and we know you want it now. Fortress Power batteries are made from the highest standard lithium ferrite phosphate, meaning they’ll produce significantly higher energy discharges than the standard energy storage solution. Our products can operate at a wider range of temperatures, too.


It’s a fact: Lead acid batteries can release dangerous gases and put you and your loved ones at risk. Since Fortress Power integrates lithium ferrite phosphate technology into each product, we keep your home and business safe, which is our ultimate priority.

6X Longer Life Span

Longer life spans mean a better financial investment for you. Fortress Power’s batteries can operate for up-to 6000 cycles. That’s up to 10 years of high-quality, reliable service. And since our batteries are low maintenance, it’ll remain totally independently operational—like you—throughout its life. Conventional lead batteries? They only last through 500 full cycles. The choice is easy.

No Maintenance

We mean it: Fortress Power batteries require little maintenance, so you can install your battery and never have to worry. Traditional lead batteries require service every 3-6 months. Should you ever have a question during your battery’s life, our professional team is here to help.

Compact & Lightweight

We proudly offer batteries that are one-third the size of conventional lead-acid batteries. This means you can store energy without compromising your home or business’s cosmetic appearance. And our portable FortressGo line is disassembled and reassembled in minutes so you can take your power anywhere.

Deep Depth of Discharge

Fortress Power’s batteries are cleverly designed to be fully dischargeable. Preserving (and possibly extending) their lifespan, their depth of discharge is preset at 80%, creating 30% more usable energy than lead-acid batteries. You’ll need fewer batteries than our competitors to store the same amount of energy.

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