The Avalon Answer Webinar Series

Looking to elevate your business in the coming year? The Avalon is your answer. With the Avalon High Voltage Energy Storage System, our mission is to empower you with innovative solutions that not only distinguish your services but also broaden your capacity to tackle residential projects of any scale and complexity. We aim to enhance your market presence, making your business more appealing to a diverse clientele.

Welcome to The Avalon Answer webinar series. In this compelling three-part journey, we will dive into a wealth of market insights and strategies to help you harness the full potential of the Avalon system. The Avalon represents the ultimate “Yes” in solution-oriented thinking – adaptable, efficient, and ready to transform challenges into opportunities. It’s your go-to product for making a smoother and more efficient installation business.

Whether you participate in one session or the entire series, your takeaway will be a renewed sense of purpose and readiness to tackle the upcoming quarter. This series will illustrate how the Avalon system can fortify your business, making it more resilient and dynamic than ever before. Continue reading to discover more about each webinar and watch or listen on-demand!

The Avalon Answer Webinar Series


Stand Out In the Crowd: How to give yourself an edge with the Avalon

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In a highly competitive solar market, distinguishing your business is crucial. This webinar delves into the current market landscape, utilizing OHM statistics to pinpoint where opportunities for differentiation lie. We’ll explore the materials most installers are using and uncover why some choices set businesses apart. A significant focus will be on the Avalon system, discussing its unique advantages and how it enables you and your installation business to stand out. Additionally, we’ll share effective strategies for sales representatives to make unforgettable impressions, ensuring your business not only attracts attention but also retains it. Join us to discover how to elevate your solar installation business above the competition.


Expand your Market: Reach more people with the Avalon
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As the solar industry evolves, so too must our approaches to generation demand and interest in our energy services. The glory days of the “Bill Swap” are behind us, signaling the need for innovation in how we attract and convert prospects. This webinar addresses the current challenges in generating quality leads and presents a fresh perspective on market engagement. We’ll discuss how the Avalon system can be a game-changer for installers looking to appeal to new customers. Discover how Avalon’s unique features can help you capture interest and expand your market reach effectively. Prepare to rethink your lead generation strategy and embrace new approaches that promise growth and sustainability.


Make Your Install a Breeze: Streamline Installations

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The complexity of solar installations can often deter potential customers and impact the overall attachment rate. This webinar aims to tackle the common hurdles faced by installers head-on, shedding light on the technical challenges and how they contribute to lower efficiency and satisfaction for both customer and installer. We’ll take an in-depth look at the Avalon system, examining its design and technical innovations that simplify the installation process compared to other leading systems. Learn why Avalon is the preferred choice for installers seeking to improve their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction rates, and how it helps reduce the need for extra components, facilitates quick installs and commissioning, and reduces truck roll. Join us for an enlightening session on making solar installations smoother and more reliable for your business.

We hope you enjoy these presentations!


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