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Case Study: Off-Grid in Western North Carolina

Greg & his family live in a remote location in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina. Living on top of a mountain in a secluded location comes with a host of benefits, but the family encountered one major drawback as they prepared the site to build their home: the closest grid power was a mile away.

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Case Study: Fortress ESS for Self-Supply

A young family living on the island of St. Croix was looking to cut electricity costs and guard against an unreliable grid. As Airbnb hosts with frequent guests, it was especially important to keep the power running seamlessly.

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Case Study: Doylestown, PA

At Fortress Power, we love seeing installations of our batteries in places across the US and across the globe. However, it’s also exciting to see the batteries at work right in our own backyard. Fortress Power recently teamed up with Bucks County, PA solar installer, Moore Energy, on a project in the beautiful borough of Doylestown.

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Case Study in Utila, Honduras

Michael, who lives on the remote island of Utila, Honduras enjoys living beach-side and loves the consistently warm and sunny weather. The municipal power where he lives, however, is very unreliable.


Fortress Power Goes to Washington

Barry Moore, president of Fortress Power, recently traveled to Washington, D.C. with members of the Pennsylvania Conservative Energy Forum (PennCEF) to discuss clean energy initiatives with top policymakers.

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No More Estimating How much Energy Storage is Needed: New Sizing Tool

Many contractors search for improved ways to help conserve and preserve off the grid energy.  Contractors encourage energy storage systems as an independent energy option to save clients money while offering a safer and more comfortable inside environment. Clean renewable energy is popular for good reason. Understanding Energy storage systems are more important now than ever. The storage systems can help prevent power outages that leave you

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Portable Solar Power Systems: Canada Test Study

Renewable energy is a hot topic. It is not just a craze; it is a solution to an ongoing problem we contribute to daily. Many contractors use solar power storage solutions to provide energy that is an affordable and safe as an option. Companies like, Great Canadian Solar use portable solar power systems to make a difference in our communities.

Caribbean islands can benefit greatly from solar power lithium batteries.

AIS introduces Fortress Power Lithium Batteries to the Caribbean

Electricity is a scarce commodity in the Caribbean islands. Many locals do not have functioning or efficient electricity in their homes, let alone a portable energy supply back up, should there be a case of emergencies.  As there are many rural areas around, electricity is not easily accessible, and once obtained, the system is not dependable or conservative. These special circumstances contribute to higher energy costs making installation and monthly maintenance unaffordable for many.

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